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10:02 Wazo Software Bug #6584: Phonebook : CSV Mass-import contacts doesn't exist anymore
Until the csv import is added to the web interface you can use the REST API to import a csv to the phonebook


08:31 Wazo Software Contributions: RE: SugarCRM - xivo
Salut Yohan,
la lib ne semble pas supporter le OR. Je n'ai pas vérifier les API de sugarcrm mais tu pourrais toujo...
08:16 Wazo Software Software Questions: RE: Configure Unlimitel Trunk with Wazo - cannot get outcall to work
the canreinvite option has been renamed "directmedia" in asterisk 1.6.2


14:13 Wazo Software Feature #6560: Allow user to setup there own PXE to be able to install Wazo easily
A link for the person working on this feature.


08:13 Wazo Software Feature #6567 (Resolved): Allow the administrator to associate a policy to a backend


08:43 Wazo Software Questions Logiciel: RE: trunk iax - AUTH impossible car mauvais user présenté
Est-ce que TOOTAi est présent dans l'onglet "Enregistrement" dans la configuration du trunk?
08:39 Wazo Software Questions Logiciel: RE: occupation de groupe
l'option "Appeler un membre déjà en attente" permet de distribuer les appels à des membres déjà en ligne....
08:36 Wazo Software Software Questions: RE: Wrong OS vmware
I don't think it will prevent Wazo from working properly but you can still configure you guest as a "Debian GNU/Linux...


15:40 Wazo Software Bug #6577 (Resolved): Web interface: Cannot login after upgrade, temporarily
15:28 Wazo Software Technical #6581 (New): Allow the admin backend of xivo-auth to be associated to a policy
It should be possible to select the policy for the admin backend in xivo-auth.

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