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Reported issues: 272


22:33 Wazo Software Feature #6793 (Resolved): Webhook subscription CRUD
22:30 Wazo Software Technical #6804 (Resolved): extract the url field from the top level of the /plugins POST in wazo...
22:29 Wazo Software Feature #6798 (Resolved): [wazo-call-logd] Add route to get a single CDR by ID


15:49 Wazo Software Technical #6799 (Resolved): admin-ui-market: use new plugind features to list plugins


08:38 Wazo Software Bug #6781: Bug sur asterisk
Ok je voyais 17.03. Donc il y a un bug dans Asterisk sur un cas précis que vous utilisez ! Il nous faudrait plus d'in...
08:34 Wazo Software Bug #6781: Bug sur asterisk
Est-il possible de mettre à jour la version de Wazo pour avoir une version plus récente d'Asterisk ?


07:46 Wazo Software Feature #6788: Gigaset N510 PRO and Gigaset N720 PRO Plugin
There is already a WIP for this plugin. Gigaset sent us hardware to help us to create this plugin.


03:37 Wazo Software Feature #6779: Upload unavailable sound file via rest api
Yes you right, it's in our task list. We need a POST to add new file, a GET to list file, a PUT to update f...
03:23 Wazo Software Feature #6780 (Rejected): Add sound file/music on hold file via rest api
This features already exist. Please check our swagger API spec on Service confd is in c...


14:16 Wazo Software Software Questions: RE: Will new Plugin interface replace or compliment existing Web GUI interface
Well, i hope we will be ready at the end of this year. We want to removed completly the old interface, but they co-ex...

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