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15:27 Wazo Software Bug #7679 (New): Setting multiple extensions on different lines on the same device: the non-first...
Given I have a user with 2 SIP lines, with different extensions, on the same device, with different line no
When I c...
12:56 Wazo Software Bug #7678 (New): Adding a line with device to a user in a single step
Given I have a user with no lines
When I add a new line with a device
Then I see an error message: @PUT ... Resourc...


10:03 Wazo Software Questions Logiciel: RE: Installation Wazo sur apu
Pour savoir quel processus écoute sur le port 80, tu peux faire:...


13:10 Wazo Software Bug #7252: Reverse lookup ne fonctionne pas
Voilà un patch pour déclencher la recherche inverse à chaque appel. Pour l'appliquer:...
10:40 Wazo Software Technical #7606 (Resolved): Allow to distinguish users in wazo-auth


10:05 Wazo Software Feature #7119: Greffons Yealink W60
Dans Configuration ‣ Provisioning ‣ General: URL = @
La doc est ici...


15:38 Wazo Software Bug #7263 (New): Interface web: enabling/disabling monitoring of a service does nothing
Given I am browsing the monitoring page in the web interface
When I click the little brown eye button near a service...
15:19 Wazo Software Bug #7262 (New): wazo-call-logd REST API: call held in a queue for a long time
Given I have a queue with 2 agents with 1 sec ringtime
Given the 2 agents are logged off
Given a call comes and sta...


10:01 Wazo Software Bug #7252: Reverse lookup ne fonctionne pas
En quelle version de Wazo étais-tu avant la mise à jour?


10:30 Wazo Software Bug #7252: Reverse lookup ne fonctionne pas
Peux-tu activer le debug sur le serveur d'AGI:
* @asterisk -rx 'agi set debug on'@
* @echo "debug: true" > /etc/x...

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