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16:38 Wazo Software Technical #6626: Postfix email setup
Hi there,
there's an experimental procedure here if you want to try: https://github.com/wazo-pbx/xivo-doc/blob/pos...


16:19 Wazo Software Bug #6636 (Rejected): Call rejected because called ID out of context
there's a file @/etc/xivo/xivo_in_callerid.conf@ to configure this. See "the docs":http://documentation.wazo.c...
16:16 Wazo Software Bug #6639: Raccrochage appel après transfert direct sur XiVO Client
merci pour les infos, mais y'en a pas assez pour comprendre d'où vient le raccroché. Pourrais-tu nous donne...


15:04 Wazo Software Bug #6642 (Resolved): Transfers may block and cause infinite loop with 100% CPU
Given I have received a call
When I transfer the call
Then, in some cases, the transferred and the initiator hear n...
15:00 Wazo Software Bug #6641 (Resolved): Transfers take too much CPU
Given I received a call
When I blind transfer this call to another phone
When that phone answers
Then Asterisk tak...
14:33 Wazo Software Feature #6640 (New): xivo-call-logs REST API: users should be able to list their own call logs
Users should be able to query the call logs of their calls (incoming, outgoing or missed).
14:33 Wazo Software Feature #6615 (Resolved): xivo-call-logd: call logs REST API


13:31 Wazo Software Technical #6620 (Resolved): wazo-plugind service discovery


09:37 Wazo Software Software Questions: RE: SIP Status monitor
Thanks Richard! I uploaded your FOP2 tutorial "in the docs":http://documentation.wazo.community/en/latest/community/c...
09:23 Wazo Software Bug #6630 (Rejected): transfer with XiVO Client hangup after few second
Pour faire de l'auto-answer, il faut faire du code spécifique à chaque modèle de téléphone. C'est ce qui est fait pou...

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