Migration to Jira

Added by Sylvain Boily 7 months ago

Hello Wazo community,

First of all, happy new year 2019! The Wazo team has been growing fast in the last months and we are looking forward to meet new people. Please check our website if you are interested to join us!

We decided to switch from Redmine to Jira cloud infrastructure at the beginning of this year. The new URL for the moment is We are currently in the process of this migration. Any new activities around Wazo for new features, bugs, etc... are in Jira now. For the moment the forum stays here in Redmine but we're open to suggestions for a better place to discuss about Wazo! We continue to be here with you and to answer your questions when we have time.

Please stay in touch. We are expecting to launch new products at the end of Q1 2019.



Added by James Young 7 months ago

Great News

Any idea when 19.01 will be released?

James Young