Wazo 18.04 to 18.XX NOT released

Added by S├ębastien Duthil over 1 year ago


For quite some time now, a new version of Wazo has been released on a cycle of three weeks. Some of you may have noticed that it's been almost five weeks now since the last release of Wazo 18.03.

The main reason is that we are working to refactor some core features of Wazo.

As a result, we did not release Wazo 18.04 to 18.XX on schedule, and we may not release it at all if we think it is not up to the usual quality standards.

Keep in touch!

UPDATE: Please note, we expect to release a new version in 2019. We are currently working very hard. It's possible to follow our changes on our GitHub. Don't worry, we are still here, and we are looking for new people in our team.


Added by Lindsay Mathieson about 1 year ago

Just noticed! Thanks for the heads up.

Added by Dan Siemens 11 months ago

Quality over quantity any day!

Added by Yann Nikolic 8 months ago

Hello. Great!

Migration from version 18.03 to 2019 will be planned ?

Thank you

Added by Sylvain Boily 8 months ago

We will give you more informations probably in February. Actually we are working for the 19.01 release, but not for production.