Wazo 17.16 released

Added by Sébastien Duthil 11 months ago

Sprint Review 17.16

New features in this sprint

REST API: Groups can now ring arbitrary extensions. This was already possible with a specific user, a custom line and a Local channel. This API does the same thing, only a lot simpler. There is no graphical interface to use this API yet, though.

REST API: Until now, schedules in REST API could only be associated to incoming calls. Schedules can now be associated with users, groups and outgoing calls via REST API.

Ongoing features

User and Tenant Management: We are currently reworking the user and entities (a.k.a tenant) configuration. This should make installations with multiple entities feel more natural in future versions.

REST API: We are working towards replacing the old orange admin web interface with the more modern and easier to maintain blue web interface (wazo-admin-ui on /admin). Since wazo-admin-ui is only using REST API under the hood, we need REST API to cover all cases of administration of Wazo. Hence we are completing the set of REST API offered by Wazo. You can find the complete API documentation on

2 bugs were fixed, 11 features were added and 6 technical issues were resolved since Wazo 17.15. The complete list of features and fixes is available at


As usual, upgrading your Wazo must be done by following this procedure:

WARNING Please note you need to upgrade your wazo client to the latest version! Check our upgrade notes!


Instructions to install Wazo:
You can download the ISO here: The client can be downloaded from the following links:


You can consult the documentation in the following formats:

Tests reports

Wazo tests report (french version) can be consulted here: (manual tests) (automatic tests)

See you for the next sprint review.