Wazo 17.08 released

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Sprint Review 17.08

New features in this sprint

REST API: The call logs API has been enhanced with new information, such as the date of answering, the direction of the call and call tags. Call tags allow filtering call logs on other criteria than a user or a number, i.e. "give me the calls of all agents"... Any tag may be attached to any user, and calls placed or received by this user will be tagged accordingly.

Important bug fixes

High Availability: Wazo 17.07 introduced a regression in the replication of database between master and slave. This issue is fixed in 17.08. See the issue #6716 for more details.

Ongoing features

Admin UI: We are working to improve the new web interface.

Plugin management: There is still a lot to be done to the plugin management service. e.g. dependency, upgrade, wazo version constraint, HA, ...

8 bugs were fixed, 8 features were added and 9 technical issues were resolved since Wazo 17.07. The complete list of features and fixes is available at


As usual, upgrading your Wazo must be done by following this procedure:


Instructions to install Wazo:
You can download the ISO here: The client can be downloaded from the following links:


You can consult the documentation in the following formats:

Tests reports

Wazo tests report (french version) can be consulted here: (manual tests) (automatic tests)

See you for the next sprint review.