Wazo 17.07 released

Added by Fran├žois Blackburn 5 months ago

Sprint Review 17.07

Hello Wazo community! Here comes the release of Wazo 17.07!

New features in this sprint

Admin UI: The new web interface based on our REST API is now available for preview. See our blog post for more details.

Admin UI: IVR can now be managed from the admin UI

Admin UI: CDR can now be listed and searched from the admin UI instead of downloading a CSV from the old web interface.

Admin UI: Conference rooms using Asterisk confbridge can be managed using the admin UI

Admin UI: Parkings using Asterisk parking lots can be managed using the admin UI

Admin UI: Plugins can be managed from the admin UI

REST API: We have added a new REST API to manage wazo plugins using wazo-plugind. This new API is used by the administration UI to install and enable features.

REST API: CDR can now be queried by user to get its own call logs.

Ongoing features

Call logs: We are attaching more data to the call logs and generating new views to have a summary for a given query instead of a list of call logs.

Admin UI: We are working to improve the new web interface.

Plugin management: There is still a lot to be done to the plugin management service. e.g. dependency, upgrade, wazo version constraint, HA, ..

10 bugs were fixed, 4 features were added and 7 technical issues were resolved since Wazo 17.06. The complete list of features and fixes is available at http://projects.wazo.community/versions/259


As usual, upgrading your Wazo must be done by following this procedure: http://documentation.wazo.community/en/stable/upgrade/upgrade.html


Instructions to install Wazo: http://documentation.wazo.community/en/stable/installation/installsystem.html
You can download the ISO here: The client can be downloaded from the following links:


You can consult the documentation in the following formats:

Tests reports

Wazo tests report (french version) can be consulted here:
http://mirror.wazo.community/iso/archives/wazo-17.07/tests-report-wazo-manual-17.07.html (manual tests)
http://mirror.wazo.community/iso/archives/wazo-17.07/tests-report-wazo-auto-17.07.html (automatic tests)

See you for the next sprint review.


Added by Gilles Sierra 5 months ago

upgrade from 17-06 does not include xivo-call-logd keys...

Added by Pascal Cadotte-Michaud 5 months ago

Hi Gilles,

I've checked a few server upgrade and all of them had the generated key.

You should open a thread on the forum if you need help finding the problem. News comment don't get the same attention has forum message.

- Pascal

Added by Hein Min 5 months ago

How to get Preview for new Admin UI? I loggin with http://[wazo server ip]/admin. i can login. But i only see the Plugins in Navigation. Then I clicked to this Plugins and i got folowing error.

('Connection aborted.', error(101, 'Network is unreachable'))