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# Project Tracker Status Subject Updated Category Target version
7021Wazo SoftwareBugNewAgent logged on a other extension can't use DIAL action from this WazoClient2018-01-19 10:04Wazo client
7012Wazo SoftwareBugNewProvd xivo-aastra-3.3.1-SP4 1.8 no more working2018-01-12 10:49Provisioning
6970Wazo SoftwareBugNewAPI - GET /outcalls returning error2017-12-11 12:07REST API
6943Wazo SoftwareBugNewAsterisk crash on call forward to queue scenario2017-12-08 15:44Asterisk
6923Wazo SoftwareBugNewCalls are hung up after about 5 minutes2017-12-01 00:58Asterisk
6920Wazo SoftwareBugNewCall recording documentation2017-11-15 13:04Documentation
6915Wazo SoftwareBugNewProvd error 2017-11-14 11:52Provisioning
6914Wazo SoftwareBugNewAsterisk log fills up hard drive2017-11-15 12:10Asterisk
6913Wazo SoftwareBugIn progressAsterisk Crash2017-12-19 02:46Asterisk
6906Wazo SoftwareBugNewdirectory lookup from the wazo-client do not work after changing the user's line context2017-11-09 11:04Directory
6902Wazo SoftwareBugNewVoicemail language not applied for date formatting2017-11-06 14:10Asterisk
6891Wazo SoftwareBugNewNo sound on incming call to an IVR to a group answered by a webrtc line2017-10-31 10:30
6889Wazo SoftwareBugNewhttp provisioning for Cisco 7900 phones2017-10-30 18:53SCCP
6886Wazo SoftwareBugNewOutgoing caller ID2017-11-09 11:08Web interface
6880Wazo SoftwareBugNewSwitchboard: empty CallerID after cancelled transfer + deconnection2017-10-25 14:38Switchboard
6879Wazo SoftwareBugNewconsul services never disappear from the agent2017-12-12 16:51System-Admin
6870Wazo SoftwareBugNewnot clear message when plugind cannot fetch plugins 2017-10-18 08:23
6863Wazo SoftwareBugNewSIP default setting for progressinband should be "no" instead of "never"2017-10-05 03:37Asterisk
6847Wazo SoftwareBugNewSIP/webrtc line cannot be changed to SIP in new UI2017-09-16 23:16Web interface
6839Wazo SoftwareBugNewWazo ended up with multiple autocreate_prefix fields2017-08-29 04:10Provisioning
6827Wazo SoftwareBugNewxivo-ctid-ng can't keep up with Asterisk when receiving too many events2017-08-21 13:25
6795Wazo SoftwareBugNewNew Web Interface : Major Security Issue2017-07-11 09:53
6781Wazo SoftwareBugNewBug sur asterisk2017-07-12 14:30Asterisk
6771Wazo SoftwareBugNewSCCP language change not updated on all changes2017-06-22 15:11
6728Wazo SoftwareBugNewLigne WEBRTC + Groupe d'appels2017-06-09 09:53Asterisk
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