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7216Wazo SoftwareBugNewAsterisk crashing due to too many TCP connections2018-07-18 22:58Asterisk
7213Wazo SoftwareBugNewinstallation Greffons CISCO SPA 80002018-07-16 11:29Packaging
7172Wazo SoftwareBugNewOld SCCP lines do not have a provisioning code2018-06-20 14:44SCCP
7170Wazo SoftwareBugNewMy Contacts are lost after upgrade from Xivo to Wazo2018-06-21 03:06Wazo client
7156Wazo SoftwareBugNewLinux client does not remember settings on Ubuntu with an older kernel2018-06-11 11:11Wazo client
7144Wazo SoftwareBugNewfree disk space is 0 in the web interface monitoring page2018-05-30 15:01
7121Wazo SoftwareBugNewWebhooks to 08:48CTI
7118Wazo SoftwareBugNewCalls transferred from queues do not go to voicemail2018-04-13 13:34Asterisk
7116Wazo SoftwareBugNewwazo-call-logs cron sometimes raises warnings2018-04-09 11:31Business
7113Wazo SoftwareBugNewCaller id lors d'un extract avec Comtrafic2018-03-27 09:22Business
7112Wazo SoftwareBugNewCalls are not routed by holdtime, but by skill.2018-03-27 04:51Call center
7110Wazo SoftwareBugNewInstallation 18.0X2018-04-09 16:03Web interface
7109Wazo SoftwareBugNewxivo-dird uses one new database connection per entity2018-03-21 11:02Directory
7108Wazo SoftwareBugNewAsterisk crash - segfault in app_queue.so2018-04-13 09:08Asterisk
7107Wazo SoftwareBugNewProbleme de recrochement des appels via le trunk-sip sur une passerelle Digium G2002018-03-20 20:27DAHDI
7100Wazo SoftwareBugNewquery string 'filtered' on wazo-auth return 5002018-03-13 08:32
7098Wazo SoftwareBugNewerror on error handler in admin-ui2018-05-09 13:04Web interfaceWazo Software - Backlog
7083Wazo SoftwareBugNewAdmin UI: user destinations are empty2018-05-09 13:04Web interfaceWazo Software - Backlog
7079Wazo SoftwareBugNewextensions.conf not generated when using an ivr with a sound file containing accents2018-02-26 10:18
7062Wazo SoftwareBugNewCan't connect wazo client2018-02-18 09:14CTI
7056Wazo SoftwareBugNewDates are stored with timezone without knowing the timezone2018-06-20 11:17REST APIWazo Software - Backlog
7051Wazo SoftwareBugNewcreating a token with an expiration that is too large returns a 5002018-02-14 13:33
7047Wazo SoftwareBugNewErreur installation greffon AASTRA 6755i SP42018-02-12 12:58
7040Wazo SoftwareBugNewCertificat HTTPS2018-02-05 11:09Wazo client
7021Wazo SoftwareBugNewAgent logged on a other extension can't use DIAL action from this WazoClient2018-01-19 10:04Wazo client
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