Technical #6664

wazo-plugind generate .deb with plugins

Added by Pascal Cadotte-Michaud 6 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

Assignee:Pascal Cadotte-Michaud
Target version:17.07
Security issue:No Read documentation?:No


To make plugin management easier plugind should use .deb to take advantage of debian tools.

dpkg-deb will be used to generate the debian packages

the name of the package will be: wazo-plugind-<name>-<namespace>
the DEBIAN/control file will be generated from the package.yml file
the postinst and prerm will call the script

the file can implement the following commands:

build: compile, generate files
package: copy files to the ${pkgdir} directory
install: executed by the postinst
uninstall: executed by the prerm


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