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migration personal contacts performance

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Same XiVO as #5862

grep ERROR /var/log/xivo-ctid.log|grep -v 'connection to user'|grep -v 'Exception caught in callback'|grep -o 'bound method [A-Za-z\._]* of'|sort |uniq -c|sort -nr
     96 bound method DirectoriesCommand.lookup of
     88 bound method PersonalCommand.import_csv of
     27 bound method PersonalCommand.delete of
     27 bound method DirectoriesCommand.personal of
     18 bound method PersonalCommand.edit of
     14 bound method PersonalCommand.create of
      5 bound method DirectoriesCommand.favorites of
      4 bound method PersonalCommand.purge of
      3 bound method PersonalCommand.get of
      1 bound method DirectoriesCommand.new_favorite of

The main problem may be

     88 bound method PersonalCommand.import_csv of

because it seems that personal contacts import timeout (why?) and then is re-attempted at each CTI Client connection.
And it is perhaps the reason why consul consumes a lot of I/O (see #5862)

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On my installation, it takes ~35 seconds to import 1000 contacts using xivo-dird.

the default timeout for xivo-dird in /etc/xivo-ctid/config.yml is 3 seconds.

My guess is that every time someone with enough contacts to have an import that last more that 3 seconds.
The POST on xivo-dird timeouts, all contacts are inserted but the succes never reaches the xivo client which
never remove the old contact file. The result is another import on the next connection... with no success.

I will test the following config file in `/etc/xivo-ctid/conf.d/timeout.yml`

    timeout: 60

and see if it would be a possible work around for the time of the migration or if its going to wreak havoc with every thing else in xivo-ctid.

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The migration need to be improved.

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This ticket will be completed at the same time as #5867

on a xivo-business the time to import a sample csv file of 1000 entries went from 543 to 7 seconds.

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