xivodir not work on phone

Added by Sébastien BERGER about 3 years ago


I have Xivo 15.18 with phone yealink T46G and aastra 6731i and 6755i

When I will access to phonebook, I have only the internal and not the xivodir.
I added the xivodir in directory and the phonebook is not empty.

I seen in dird log that he only search in internal
2016-01-14 15:46:31,790 [3989] (INFO) (xivo_dird): ( GET https://localhost:9489/0.1/directories/input/default_phone/aastra 200
2016-01-14 15:46:33,328 [3989] (INFO) (xivo_dird): ( GET https://localhost:9489/0.1/directories/lookup/default_phone/aastra?term= 200
2016-01-14 15:47:52,317 [4265] (INFO) (xivo_dird.plugins.xivo_user_plugin): XiVO internal successfully loaded
2016-01-14 15:50:01,724 [4280] (INFO) (xivo_dird): ( GET https://localhost:9489/0.1/directories/lookup/default_phone/yealink?term=ac 200

my xivo-confgen dird/sources.yml contain xivodir

    confd_config: {host: localhost, https: false, port: 9487, timeout: 4, version: '1.1'}
    format_columns: {directory: "R\xE9pertoire XiVO Interne", display_name: '{firstname}
        {lastname}', firstname: '{firstname}', lastname: '{lastname}', nom: '{firstname}
        {lastname}', phone: '{exten}'}
    name: internal
    searched_columns: [firstname, lastname]
    type: xivo
    unique_column: id
    format_columns: {company: '{phonebook.society}', firstname: '{phonebook.firstname}',
      fullname: '{phonebook.fullname}', home: '{phonebooknumber.home.number}', lastname: '{phonebook.lastname}',
      mail: '{}', mobile: '{}', phone: '{}',
      reverse: '{phonebook.fullname}'}
    name: xivodir
    phonebook_timeout: 4
    phonebook_url: http://localhost/service/ipbx/json.php/private/pbx_services/phonebook
    searched_columns: [phonebook.firstname, phonebook.lastname, phonebook.displayname,
    type: phonebook

What is wrong ?


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RE: xivodir not work on phone - Added by Etienne Lessard about 3 years ago

I seen in dird log that he only search in internal

The dird log doesn't show when a lookup is done in a directory source (for most sources I believe), so you can't use the log for such purpose. You can only see that a lookup was made, but you can't know exactly which sources was used for this lookup.

Two things you could check:

  • In your /etc/xivo-dird/config.yml file, what sources are configured for the "default_phone" profile (grep -B 2 -A 5 default_phone /etc/xivo-dird/config.yml) ?
  • Do you see a line relating to the phonebook in /var/log/nginx/xivo.access.log when doing a lookup from the phone ?

RE: xivodir not work on phone - Added by Etienne Lessard about 3 years ago

Also, FYI, phone remote directory has changed quite a bit in XiVO 15.17, see

RE: xivodir not work on phone - Added by Kristof Van Den Ouweland 8 months ago

Also had this issue - A little bit late but what helped for me
: (Currently on 17.17)

/etc/xivo-dird/config.yml and look for default phone as mentioned by Etienne.
By default this said internal:true and nothing else.

Change this to ldap:true and restarted the services.

Note: ldap = name of the source as defined in 'Directories - Definitions.'