Queuemetrics plugin broken?

Added by Wade Weppler 3 months ago

Plugin installs ok, but won't run plugin or show Admin interface. Admin UI log shows:

2019-04-28 15:30:10,860 [7425] (ERROR) (xivo.plugin_helpers): Unable to load plugins because the entrypoint is missing: {'queuemetrics'}

Any ideas?

I tried to report the bug, which sends me to Jira. Signing up for Jira issues an error that I can't create an issue in the Wazo UC project.

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RE: Queuemetrics plugin broken? - Added by Sylvain Boily 3 months ago


You right, this plugin works with older wazo version. The entrypoint for the modules have changed. Need to be fixed, but i think to fix it for the next community release.