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Hello everyone,

I've recently upgrade my old xivo 15.07 to wazo 18.03. Almost everthing went fine instead an error with this file : wazo-upgrade-key.yml

Wazo seems to work, but after wazo-upgrade, i had this message :

Wazo fully booted
Executing post-start upgrade action...
Could not read config file /var/lib/xivo-auth-keys/wazo-upgrade-key.yml: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/xivo-auth-keys/wazo-upgrade-key.yml'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/xivo-upgrade/post-start.d/upgrade_admin_ui_official_plugins", line 58, in <module>
File "/usr/share/xivo-upgrade/post-start.d/upgrade_admin_ui_official_plugins", line 38, in main
config = load_config()
File "/usr/share/xivo-upgrade/post-start.d/upgrade_admin_ui_official_plugins", line 27, in load_config
key_config = _load_key_file(ChainMap(file_config, _DEFAULT_CONFIG))
File "/usr/share/xivo-upgrade/post-start.d/upgrade_admin_ui_official_plugins", line 33, in _load_key_file
return {'auth': {'username': key_file['service_id'],
KeyError: 'service_id'

Any ideas ?


Baptiste DENEUVE

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RE: wazo-upgrade-key.yml - Added by François Blackburn 8 days ago

The full log of wazo-upgrade should be more relevant: /var/log/xivo-upgrade.log

It seems a problem with xivo-manage-db or because postgres was down during the upgrade

You can run


RE: wazo-upgrade-key.yml - Added by Baptiste DENEUVE 8 days ago


I'd tried xivo-update-keys and wazo-upgrade but same error.

Full log xivo-upgrade.log are attached in this post.

Thanx for your help.

Baptiste Deneuve

RE: wazo-upgrade-key.yml - Added by François Blackburn 4 days ago

We need the log of your first upgrade with an error, sorry for the misleading
In fact, the log genereted by the migration of 15.07 to 18.03 should be useful.
These logs can be found in separate files (/var/log/xivo-upgrade.log.1, /var/log/xivo-upgrade.log.2.gz, etc.. )

In your posted log, we can see a problem with the database

Checking database...
    NOK (current revision is 1815dcbc813f)