Added by James Young 29 days ago

I am trying to add SPA122 to Wazo. When i add User and select the SPA 122 as the Line I get following error:
Could not create line
PUT /lines/28/endpoints/sip/14 - Resource Error - different tenants ('endpoint_tenant_uuid': u'55469ee2-98c6-4a96-95e6-6980eb77179d', 'line_tenant_uuid': u'add84394-87e5-41e6-807f-2f06fc284af8')

I only have one entity configured.


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RE: SPA122 - Added by James Young 23 days ago

I had to go back to 18.03 to get SIP spa122 to provision. I have the spa working but a few problems. the web interface default login was admin/admin it has been changed by provisioning any idea how to figure out what it is changed to? the tones played are european tones not USA. how do i get USA tones on spa122.

RE: SPA122 - Added by James Young 14 days ago

I figured it out the password is available at /var/lib/xivo-provd/plugins/xivo-cisco-spa100-1.3.5/var/tftpboot/macaddress.xml