Cisco 7937

Added by James Young 5 days ago

I am "testing" a Cisco 7937g phone but it appears that the firmware is but that is not whats in the plugin load /var/lib/plugins/xivo-cisco-sccp-legacy/templates/7937.tpl. It has P0030801SR02 as the firmware file. This Firmware is for the 7940 and 7960 phones.

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RE: Cisco 7937 - Added by James Young 3 days ago

I had to flash the 7937 from a test tftp setup. Got the firmware version upgraded. The phone is very unstable until i placed 19 custom fuction keys into the user field.
I read in an early forum Asterisk-France 5years ago that part of the problem with working with 7937 config was that there was no 7937 phone available.
I would like to offer a 7937 phone shipped to where it is needed if it can help repair Wazo 7937 implementation.

James Young