Aastra 6757i CT

Added by matt w 8 months ago


I am new to PBX, I have been a GV user for many years and since it's about to end support for my Obi100 I thought this would be a perfect time to get my PBX set up. I have installed the latest version of Wazo from this site and have it configured following the instructions I found on nerd vittles. I am using vitelity as the SIP provider and it is showing that my account is connected to the PBX. I can call the number from my cell and it rings then goes through to voicemail. So it seems as though I have everything set up correctly for connection. I am using these Aastra 6757i CT phones and Wazo is showing that the line is properly configured (green icon) and the device is properly configured (green icon). But, no matter what I try, with autoprov and manually setting up the phone through it's web interface, I always a message on the phone screen of "no signal". When I set it to autoprov the phone does display "autoprov" on it's screen then when I dial the provision number for the user, it restarts the phone, provisions the user name on the phone, and says "no signal". I have deleted the user, line and device and reset them all. I have tried the Aastra xivo-aastra- plugin and xivo-aastra-3.3.1-SP4. I have reset the phone to factory default and then set the HTTP server address up in it's Configuration Server settings. All still give me "no signal". I am sure I am missing something. Would it likely be a misconfiguration somewhere other that with the device? I have spent many hours trying to figure it out, which along the way has made me familiar with Wazo and it's settings.

I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction or tell me what other information I need to provide to help resolve this problem. I am trying to get this working for my company before GV stops working on Sunday.