SCCP Parking

Added by James Young 4 months ago

One of the problems I am having with Wazo SCCP implementation is parking on 7900 phones.
I know there is no Parking soft key, but is there a work around?


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RE: SCCP Parking - Added by Pascal Cadotte-Michaud 4 months ago

Hi James,

you can use the parking with customized function keys.

On a Wazo installation, the extension 700 is a parking and the extension 701-750 are parking spaces.

You can transfer the call to 700 to park the call and the voice will tell you which parking space was used.
You can add a function key with the parking extension to avoid remembering the parking extension.

RE: SCCP Parking - Added by James Young 3 months ago

On the cisco site i was reading that the phone can display the parking space on the SCCP phones.
This would greatly enhance the parking function.

There is a call park soft key that is not included with the Wazo implementation. Mabe include the
Park soft key and have it connect to Wazo Park.