No incoming calls using custom entities-contexts

Added by J R 11 months ago

I setup a few custom entities and contexts for two of my Anveo Direct numbers. I used the following tutorial I found over at PIAF Forum

My goal was to avoid having to dial a 2 digit number to place an outbound call. I was able to successfully do that with one of my AD sip trunks (AnveoDirect Sip name) using nerd vittles tutorial. Worked perfect for inbound/outbound. Exten for that number is NXXNXXXXXX with a stripnum of 0.

2 new context-entities were created using the aforementioned tutorial, so I could use NXXNXXXXXX for any new number and avoid having to dial a code.

John tollfree (exact same number as AnveoDirect working before)
John 281 (new local AD number)

I can receive outbound calls with both numbers, but anytime I try to make an inbound call to either number I hear a message saying, "No user corresponds to the number you are calling" I have know idea what that means because I created 2 different lines/users for those numbers and followed the tutorial to a T. Everything is setup correctly in the AD backend system.

I have attached the log sheet to see if anybody might have a suggestion about what is wrong and how to fix it. The outbound call starts off at "Nov 11 12:28:01"

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RE: No incoming calls using custom entities-contexts - Added by J R 11 months ago

I figured out the solution after a lot of aggravation. In the IPBX>Call Management>Incoming Calls>SPECIFIC DID> context=anveo-incall (anveo-incall)

Before I had each DID set to NEW contexts I created for the 2 lines. I have no idea why those didn't work since both of them where identical to the original anveo context, but it works now after I changed it.