Wazo Future

Added by James Young 2 months ago

I hate that we lost the forum content. I know you are very busy. Maybe a short expiation on how the community edition will be released. What browser and how to will be great.

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RE: Wazo Future - Added by Sylvain Boily 2 months ago

Hello James,

Yes, this is a very bad news, we haven't take time to check if our forum backup is good this last months, so we are also very sad about this situation.
So, this is the bad news for September, but the new release is coming, please check, we are working on it, you can try the dev version, we are working to release the community project very soon. The next beta version for community will be released this next Monday with the number 19.13. There is many many changes!


RE: Wazo Future - Added by Yann Nikolic 2 months ago

Good News for V19.13 ^^

Sorry for the forum.