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Added by Adrian Cadabon 10 months ago

Hi,my name is Adrian, and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
More than 1 year ago started using xivo.
Now I'm using wazo, and I wanted to tell you about a problem I have.
I can not see the directory on the grandstream phones (GXV3240 and GXP 1405)
In PIAF, I had a script in php that extracts them from mysql and saved them in XML format.
In wazo, after reading the documentation, I can not understand how the directories work.
Basically, I need to do a directory export to XML or CSV, so I can import it to the phones.
Is it possible to do this?
Or is there another way to view the directory from the phones?
Thank you very much.

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RE: Wazo and directory - Added by Sébastien Duthil 10 months ago


usually, phones are able to search in an external directory, trough a HTTP request. In Wazo, the flow is usually:

phone -> GET HTTP -> xivo-dird-phoned -> GET HTTP -> xivo-dird -> looks up in the Wazo users (database), phonebook (database), personal contacts (database), LDAP, other external directories, etc.

According to the Grandstream doc, this is available in Grandstream phones, however:
  • the Grandstream provisioning plugin does not provide the Grandstream phones with the necessary config for the phonebook
  • the xivo-dird server that handles directory requests does not support the Grandstream XML format for directories. So it needs some development for the Grandstream directory to work out-of-the-box with Wazo. Technically, this is a Python plugin very similar to this one, but I wouldn't know how hard the Grandstream view would be to implement.
About exporting the phonebook, there is only a JSON output via REST API. You can export two different directories:
  • the list of internal Wazo users via xivo-confd GET /users
  • the contacts in a Wazo phonebook (Services > IPBX > Phonebook) via xivo-dird: GET /tenants/{tenant}/phonebooks/{phonebook_id}/contacts where tenant is the name of your entity

To see how to use the REST API, see

RE: Wazo and directory - Added by Adrian Cadabon 9 months ago

Thank you very much for your answer. I'm going to test the REST API, just as grandstream has a tool for generating and exporting contacts. I will use this until I test the API.
Thank you.