Please clarify Provisioning

Added by Brian Kelly about 1 year ago

Am I correct in assuming that to effectively use the provisioning system you must let Wazo do the DHCP assignment for the phones? When reading sometimes it seems that way and other times not. If I'm willing to put the provisioning string in the phones UI manually will things function properly after doing it that way?

I don't want to disturb the existing DHCP system. The only way to isolate the phones would be a vlan or manually assigning addresses or locking down things by mac addr. All of which are overkill for smaller environments.



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RE: Please clarify Provisioning - Added by Sébastien Duthil about 1 year ago

DHCP is rarely needed for provisioning itself. The few exceptions require the DHCP integration option to be checked in Configuration > Provisioning > General, because the phones don't give the provisioning server enough information to determine which model.

In the general case, you can provision the phones by giving them the correct URL so that they fetch their configuration on xivo-provd, the provisioning server of Wazo (port 8667). Here's a link to the docs that explains how to do just that: