Cisco SCCP phones (7965G)

Added by Steve Grevemeyer about 1 year ago

I have a set of Cisco 7965G phones running under SCCP. They provision and almost everything works. I have a couple of outstanding issues that I was hoping someone had solved at some point:

#1) Conference / n-Way Calling. The sip phones in the system (and these phones on the old cisco system ) have a CONFERENCE button when you are on a call. The SCCP phones do not. I see the SOFTKEY_CONFRN in the xivo-libsccp but it doesn't seem to do anything.

It seems that the older SCCP channel driver had conference button support but the xivo one does not.
This is my final hurdle for deployment and I'd be interested in any work arounds? I saw some old feature codes in dial-plans stuff for 3-way calling but that seems pretty heavy-handed.

#2) Date/Time format. It seems the xivo-libsccp supports dateFormat but not TimeFormat? I have the dateFormat correct at boot up (from xivo-provd) -- but once the phone registers and the channel driver kicks in it screws up the time. The D/M/YA format doesn't seem to work. I got around it so far by "creative editing" in the channel driver.

#3) Button Configurations. I wanted to remove the DND and CWFALL buttons from the phones. Documentation says that I should be able to do this in configuration files -- but like the date format, it doesn't seem to work. I removed the definitions in the sccp_msg file. But I hate hacking it like this.

#4) SIP? If I can't solve #1, I was considering switching these to SIP firmware. I've run these phone in a SIP configuration from Pbx-In-A-Flash, but it doesn't look like there is a cisco-sip plugin? Is there good generic plugin to use?


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RE: Cisco SCCP phones (7965G) - Added by Tim Waite about 1 year ago

for #4

You can use the "zero" plugin in put the TFTP config files in the /var/lib/xivo-provd/plugins/zero/var/tftpboot

You will have to create the files by hand or with a script or something to put them in there for this to work.

It would not be too hard to modify the zero plugin and get it to make a basic template or even populate basic information for the Cisco SIP phones.


RE: Cisco SCCP phones (7965G) - Added by Tim Waite about 1 year ago

Also check out

Might work for autoprov for SIP as well. I haven't tried that yet.