Added by Leon Zetekoff about 1 year ago

HI IPv6 supported?

THanks leon

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RE: IPv6? - Added by Sylvain Boily about 1 year ago

Hello, no we haven't work to support ipv6.

RE: IPv6? - Added by Leon Zetekoff about 1 year ago

thats ashame...thats a show stopper. when will it be supported? all the mobile carriers are going to ipv6 and the translations to IPv4 dont work

RE: IPv6? - Added by Sylvain Boily about 1 year ago

Well i don't know, i hear from ipv6 for a long time ago and this is not our priority. I think this is not a big development but we need to work to enhance our test suite to support ipv6. You are the second in 13 years who said to me it's a big issue... The other guys was in France ;)
I'm open about ipv6, but for the moment, i don't understand why we need to put efforts and money to support this feature. If someone pay, why not, but not us for this moment.

RE: IPv6? - Added by Steve Chilcutt about 1 year ago

Major reason for IPv6 is elimination of NAT issues between cloud servers and remote points, among other benefits. IPv6 is fast becoming the standard rather then the exception with many major companies moving to IPv6 only networks with the Network Translation being 6 to 4 rather then 4 to 6 when IPv6 was more obscure. Most all major ISPs and Mobile Networks are now IPv6 deployed.

Better to test for support now then try to add it later at the last minute. Support not need be fully turned on in a single update, but if something worked at as your updating code to the things that use addressing/routing/DNS as you go, it may make enabling support at a future point much much easier.

One thing is not in dispute, IPv4 is now fast moving towards legacy status, with IPv6 taking it's place.

I am looking currently myself at the steps to make most of my networks IPv6 as the primary and IPv4 as the secondary, so I have been researching this more and more. Think of it like the transition from Parallel port to USB or PS/2 to USB; we are very near the stage that the adapter is not PS/2 to USB but rather USB to PS/2.

Bottom line: Rather then build IPv6 in a single update as a feature add, work on adding it to the things that you are already updating code for that would need updated for IPv6 support. Over time, the IPv6 support will already be built in, and just need to be turned on.

Food for thought, Thank you for all that you do and best wishes!